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Day 12
In your own space, talk about what you bring to fandom. It can be something tangible, or not.


It may seem strange to say this because I only spend a fraction of my time in fandom doing this as opposed to more than half my time writing fanfic, but I believe one of the most important things I bring to fandom is commenting on other people's fanworks.

People really like getting comments. It's one of the best things about fandom, and something I make an effort to keep on doing. I often find it difficult. I feel overwhelmed by good fanfic, especially if it's long, or if I fangirl the writer. I find it hard to say nice things in a constructive way about work that has problems. I have times when I don't leave any comments at all, and have to push myself to start again, because it's so worth it, both the fluffy squee-type comments and the more considered kind that are more critical.

I was talking to someone about this recently. They told me that they almost never get helpful feedback when doing their real job, especially of the positive kind. Unfortunately, this is rife. Most managers at work are there because of seniority, not because they know anything about handling others. I don't think most managers have ever handed out a constructive praise sandwich in their lives (constructive critcism sandwiched between two positive comments), and that's like the basic building block of giving feedback. Seriously, no wonder so many people are so unhappy at work.

Fandom has a real culture of feedback. Not only that, it has a culture of helping others learn how to give feedback properly, both of the good and bad kinds. Fandom can be an incredible learning tool.

Leaving comments isn't my favourite thing to do. I feel awkward as hell about it. But it's probably the most important thing I bring.

And for all those people I've seen saying "oh, I bring nothing to fandom, I don't draw, write, make podcasts or meta or anything" - if you've ever left even one comment on a fanwork, or joined in with a discussion, or reblogged or linked or recced it, or left one kudos on a story, you're contributing in an amazing way.


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