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I want back to playing Final Fantasy XII at the weekend. I'm probably well over halfway through it now, and for me that means I've already played over 200 hours.

I'm kind of stuck on the side quests at the moment. I'm not enamoured of the side hunts, but at the same time it's unthinkable for me not to do them, especially in an RPG I'm loving so much.

Most of my enjoyment of the game right now comes from moving the camera so I can stare at Balthier's bum. That little grunt he does when he shoots his pistol (fnarr fnarr) is also something wonderful. I like to have him standing so he's just on my left, grunting hotly in my ear. Thank you, Balthier's voice actor.

It's just such a beautiful game in general, even though it's over a decade old. I love opening up new areas of the map and exploring the world.

I found an interesting site yesterday, howlongtobeat.com. It tells you how long various video games take to finish. Like I'd already guessed, I found that I take way more than twice the average time to play RPGs compared to most people. But surprisingly, I speed through puzzle games and the Ace Attorney ones. I had just assumed I was slow at all games since I like to be extremely thorough with them all.


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