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This is a banner I did for [personal profile] marginaliana's [livejournal.com profile] wipbigbang fic, which has just been posted.

Either click on the image above, or the fic title below.

One More Time With Feeling (or, Charlie Brooker and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day) by [personal profile] marginaliana
Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell, British Comedy RPF, 50k words, explicit.
Summary: December the seventh, 2009. Recording day for the Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Charlie wakes to the sound of his mobile.

I'm not a huge RPF fan, which made my enjoyment of this Groundhog Day-style fic all the more surprising. This fic is a real page turner, if that term isn't hopelessly archaic to use for a fic hosted on a digital archive.

The fic avoided most of my usual problems with RPF, especially of being disrespectful to the ladies. It's set in the time before both men found their future wives. The science fiction/time travel aspects of the fic also put what happens firmly in the realms of fiction, allowing me to enjoy it much more. Perhaps in one of a million alternate dimensions, this universe was even possible.

I can recommend this fic if you like time travel, really slow build sexual tension, bisexual characters and very funny dialogue with awkward British men continually putting their foot in it.

The art is a nod to the third paragraph of the fic in which Charlie drops his mobile phone and breaks it.


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