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It's been confirmed that the sixth game in the Ace Attorney series is going to be localised in the West. The game is still in development and not even released in Japan, so I'm guessing that means 2017.

AA6 gameplay will apparently be all about dead people and ghosts, which is something I hate in my entertainment and go out of my way to avoid.

Meanwhile, they don't seem to be localising The Great Ace Attorney, which looks much more my style. It's set in Victorian London and has steampunk Sherlock Holmes. Out of the two of them, I'd much rather play that one. I'd been avoiding spoilers for it, and now I just feel stupid for having bothered.

I'm grumpy about the whole thing. I hated most of AA5, the last main game in the series, but the release at nearly the same time of the side game Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright more than made up for that.

But now in 2017, whether I like it or not, I'm going to be pushed out of the fandom if the next main game truly revolves around dead people. I felt really happy in this fandom. I've got a couple more years in it anyway, but this news coincides with me not being able to write much fanfic at the moment for stupid RL reasons, so that just adds to it all.

It really is good news, just not for this particular fan of the series. That background artwork does look nice. Seems to be Tibet-inspired, or in that region. (Edit: apparently it's set in a country where they have prosecutors but no defending attorneys, and the art indicates Chinese-occupied Tibet, so that's quite strong social commentary for a video game.)

But here's another thing that's been happening - I love that Hot Ryu from Street Fighter 5 is a thing that is being widely reported. He has a hot beard! Hot yet gentle eyes! He astounds local sheep with his hot, manly nipples! This is important hot information!

They do have a point, though. Hot beards are good news.
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