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Aug. 9th, 2016

inevitableentresol: a Victorian gentleman with the body of a carrot (Default)
On request, here are some brief excerpts from a couple of Tom Sharpe books, namely the sex scenes (or almost-sex scenes). I think he writes this subject pretty well.

The first quote is from Ancestral Vices, because that's the better book.

In this, Walden Yapp is a university lecturer with strict socialist ethicial standards. Away from home, he finds himself lodging in the house of the well-endowed but married Mrs Rosie Coppettt, a lady of low intelligence. This causes him to fall into a rapid and severe moral crisis as he becomes infatuated with her.

Thanks to his Mother's high-minded neglect and his aunt's devotion to low-Church ethics, he regarded such affairs with Puritan contempt. )

The second extract is from The Gropes, a book that isn't Sharpe's best but has a rather touching sex scene in it. In this extract, Horace, an unpreposessing middle-aged man is on the run away from his wife with a suitcase of money which he has hidden from her. Up until this point, Horace's experiences have led him to believe that women aren't interested in sex apart from those few 'nymphomaniacs' one of whom he'd very much like to meet. In Barcelona in his hotel bar he encounters Elsie, a friendly middle-aged woman with her own story.

My old man was a bloody brute. Used to knock me about something horrible. My name's Elsie, by the way, and you are? )

By the way, it ends badly for both of these men, and exceedingly so. But not for Elsie, who gets one of the few happy endings I've ever read in a Sharpe novel.


inevitableentresol: a Victorian gentleman with the body of a carrot (Default)

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