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Apr. 7th, 2016

inevitableentresol: plant in field, romantic (Backlit cow parsley)
I was just listening to Classic FM and they just called video game music "a delightful genre" and then they played some of the soundtrack from Everyone's Gone to the Rapture. I have not yet played that game, but I have listened to the music from it because it is indeed nice. I love this modern world we live in, filled with lovely things which can be found in many places.

I took a huge writing break last year after I failed spectacularly to finish my Big Bang fic, even though I'd even become a mod for that event just to make sure it took place. Didn't help that my laptop died partway through, either.

I've got a new writing machine now (actually a Windows tablet netbook, very nice and light and runs a lot less hot on the knees), and I've just joined a new writing challenge community, [community profile] fandomweekly, with the idea to try a few of the weekly challenges as a fun warm up for getting back into fiction.

I also downloaded Ren'Py, a visual novel maker, and I've been tinkering about with it. I have a few ideas and it's pretty exciting to have pictures and music accompany my words, although it means I have to write a little differently to make it fit the pacing, which is also interesting. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to turn my files into actual games that I can send people. For some reason, I've been putting off learning that last step. My Big Bang failure really burnt me. It took the fun out of my writing hobby for quite a while, but I'm starting to feel cheerful again about it.


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