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Oct. 4th, 2015 10:30 pm
inevitableentresol: Ema Skye doing science (Ema Skye by Jessie Wong)
[personal profile] inevitableentresol

Landscape only version of the Ys art I did before. Finally finished this!

I'm having all kinds of troubles trying to keep my art links from breaking, no matter what upload site I use.

Many of the AO3 ones are broken and I don't know why, and oops, I can't seem to sign in to fix them. I can't submit to DA either at the moment either as the categories drop-down list on the submission page eternally loads and never actually works, and it's a mandatory field so that means I can't upload art. It's all quite worrying, given that I have to factory reset my tablet as soon as possible and that's going to delete all my originals.

Unrooted tablets with tiny memory are a pain, especially when a stupid site downloads 3GB of data onto your device that it was not supposed to, and which is impossible to delete without factory resetting your whole tablet. I can back up my art, but that might not even work. Even if it does, I definitely won't be able to work on those pieces again without re-importing the image and that mucks up the resolution and loses all the layers.

Grr. I've been putting it off for three weeks now, but tomorrow I'll finally reset this thing.


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